Painless License Generation

We make it extremely easy to track and take care of all your licenses. Whether you're a solo developer or a software development company.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you are a solo developer and have one product or a software development company and have hundreds, we have a plan that will fit your needs.

Time Restrictions

Whether you want to give someone a taste of your product or only allow them access for a year. You may set how long a license will be available for use.


Have an extremely long list of existing licenses and don't want to re-create them one-by-one? No problem, you can quickly import them into any product.


You can easily integrate a license check/activation procedure into any product you desire by utilizing our API. It's truly a breeze!


  • Customizable key format
  • Define products to associate keys with
  • Bulk creation of keys
  • Import existing keys from a CSV
  • REST API for key redemption, checking, revoking and more

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